"I like to drink Martinis and laugh." That's probably one of my favourite quotes by Lauren Lane and trust me, I have many. To me it shows what a genuine, down-to-earth and humorous person she is. With that being said I will now try and sum up the life she has been leading so far and am facing the difficult task of making this list of facts I have interesting to read. Maybe this way you will actually read her Biography instead of skipping to the picture part.

Laura Kay Lane was born 2nd February 1961 in Oklahoma City. Despite her appreciation for exotic names like Nancy, Candy or Gypsy, she only changed her name to "Lauren" when she discovered that there already was a "Laura Lane" in the Screen Actors Guild. She was raised in Texas and got her Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts at the University of Texas. In an interview she explained that she always had a big imagination but that shows like "Star Trek" and "Lost in Space" really sparked her interest, especially when her mother told her that the characters weren't real, but portrayed by actors. Inspired and apparently very motivated she soon set her own goals and focused on them, which led her to do her Master's Degree at San Francisco's American Conservatory Theatre.

Lane, a tall blonde with expressive blue eyes and a deep voice, quickly got cast as Sgt. Chris Novak in "Hunter" and eventually landed the role as C.C. Babcock on "The Nanny". Her "Hello, Hello!" is unforgettable as well as her sultry laugh and that combined with her wonderful comedy timing is what makes this role so popular. To me, however, it was (of course) the relationship between Niles and C.C. that attracted my attention and even more so the rare moments in which a barely disguised vulnerability flickers across her face. (if you don't know what I mean; look at her face when Maxwell kisses Fran for the first time, or the obvious "Ode to Barbra Joan" episode)

When "The Nanny" ended Lauren Lane, recently divorced, had just had her daughter Kate, born 27th February 1998. She soon discovered that it would be a struggle to get a job without being type cast or blown off completely and so she returned to Austin, Texas, where her family lives. (among them her sister Kim Lane) There Lane settled down and started working as a Professor at Texas State University which enabled her to focus on the highest priority in her life: her daughter. Which brings me to another one of my favourite quotes: "All I really wanted to do was to be with Kate." She cherishes her life which includes her students at Texas State, walking her dog and spending time with her daughter. Additionally she very often acts in one of Austin's many theatres, such as the ZACH. In her free time she loves to read (for example short stories by Alice Munro and George Saunders) and cook, always eager to try out new recipes. As a German living and studying in England I was especially thrilled to learn that she is an Anglophile and admires the work of Virginia Woolf, Jane Austen and Helen Mirren.

Lauren Lane, to me, is one of those people that slowly sneak up on you and it takes you a while to really appreciate how remarkable they are. I realised that this moment had come when I was on vacation in Canada over the summer and read my very first interview with her. I was so impressed, so happy with her attitude that I couldn't stop talking about her. Finally my mum turned around and said: "You really like her, don't you?" Well yes, I guess I do.


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