1. Invisible:Set during Fran's&Maxwell's wedding! When CC is dying inside who will notice?

2. How to Spend 20 Years Falling in Love: The story of how Niles' and C.C.'s relationship developed.

3. Again and Again: Set after season 6, Niles and C.C. are married and she's expecting a child. When suddenly they get some shocking news. Will it tear them apart or make them stronger?

4. The Hotel Suite: Niles is trying to enjoy a relaxing evening at the Waldorf Astoria, bath, massage and "special movies" included. But our lovely blond socialite isn't far away either!

5. Stranded: Another "Dummy Twins" continuation. CC's attempt to leave the city fails and she is forced to reconsider her decision. 

6. When the Clock is Striking Twelve: A Niles/CC Christmas story, set 4 years after the "Dummy Twins". What would have happened if Niles had really quit his job and left the Sheffields that day? 


1. Dear Agony : "I've never had the good end of any deal! My whole life has been nothing but hell! Dear agony must sure seem to love me, but I hate him!"

2. Your Guardian Angel: My true love. My whole heart. 



1. The Adventure : Another "Dummy Twins" fill-in-the-blank.

2. Sublety :This is a short continuation of "No Muse is Good Muse."

3. Say Goodbye :CC made a decision, but Niles quakes her resolve. 

4. There Is: Fran helps CC attract a man, although the consequences are not exactly what anyone imagined. 

5. Cataclysm:

One year later, CC realizes that seeing him again may prove to be a cataclysm, in the most beautiful sense of the word. (new)




1. Killing BB Babcock: In a moment of desperation, C.C. lies and tells her mother that there is a new man in her life. When she decides to come for a visit, C.C. must find someone to act as her new love. Hmm, now who will that be?

2. Eavesdropping and Confrontation: C.C. overhears Fran gossiping to Val about Niles, and what she hears will change things forever. Co-written with me.

3. The Fortune Teller: Fran suggests a visit to a fortune teller. She doesn't get anything interesting out of it, but Niles and C.C. just might.

4. Dance With Me: At a charity benefit, Niles accepts a dance from another woman to a song that C.C. considered important to them.



1. Need You Now: A Niles/CC story inspired by Lady Antebellum's song.

2. Thread of Grace:Following Niles' heart attack, he and CC take a chance on a relationship. Just when it looks like they are heading for happily ever after, Yenta Fran comes up with a plan that derails everything. Will the fledgling couple survive?



1. Ringing in the Love:C.C.'s quest to help Niles retrieve his great-grandmother's rings turns complicated when hidden feelings rise to the surface.


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