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My reviews:

The Cutting Room:

“The Cutting Room” is a must-see for all Lauren Lane fans. It’s a short 16 minute film that answers the question of what happened to the characters from books, movie and plays that have been cut. There is Lucy ( Sarah Koskoff), a Jane Austen character, Romlet (Steven Flynn) from Hamlet and Joan (Lauren Lane) from “All about Eve”. These three characters have already adapted to their lives in a trailer, but their relatively peaceful (but mostly mundane) existence is shattered when Jason (Todd Louiso), from a Bruckheimer movie, rushes in one day. Now they have to face the sad reality of their own lives when explaining to him that he has been cut from a movie. Lauren Lane is present in almost every scene wearing a dark wig, a blue dress and heavy make-up. Her rich deep voice only compliments her appearance, while her character in itself is in stark contrast to the urgency of Jason’s and the sweetness of Lucy’s character. Joan is calmer, has accepted her fate (if also not with great enthusiasm) and while everyone else is trying to gently tell Jason the truth, she does it with a certain bluntness. But here, once again, Lauren Lane’s incredible ability needs to be emphasised. There is a brief moment when Joan tells Jason that he has been cut when you can clearly see pity in her eyes, before she mockingly lifts the cigarette to her lips again and retreats behind the facade of cool indifference. These moments occur quite often in the movie where the bitterness and resignation in her voice disappear. For example when Lucy asks her if she had to be so harsh towards Jason and then we see regret flicker through Joan’s eyes before, with a slight curl of the lips, she responds with complete assurance: “He’ll be back.”

As the movie progresses we learn more and more about the characters, as subtle changes are constantly taking place. Then there is, of course, that glorious scene in which Joan grabs Jason and kisses him. Lane’s acting is a mixture of innocence and seduction and her voice, which she lowers to a purr, is enough to make you feel tingly all over. (That being said as someone who agrees with Spike Gillespie completely- she could read out the phonebook to me any time!) And while we’re speaking of her voice, I have to mention my absolute favourite line. Lane is on the floor and says: “It’s hell here, Jason, it really is.”- a moment that is played to utter perfection. The hidden despair that suddenly bubbles to the surface is showing on Lane’s face and can also be heard in her voice which nearly breaks with frustration.

The film ends on a hopeful note (although the ending itself is open), suggesting that the characters might find a way to get out of their boring existence. Lane shows this transition incredibly well, because if Joan at the beginning was completely disinterested she now tries to calm and encourage Lucy, her eyes filled with compassion and hope.

The 16 minutes fly by as the storyline is incredibly clever, funny, sad and thought-provoking. If you haven’t done so, go and watch it now!



Having got the entire “Hunter” series as a gift for Christmas and my birthday, this review was somewhat inevitable. I feel like I have come full circle now, as this particular show was one of the first things I considered buying when I discovered Lauren Lane. My decision against it was based on the price, my general less than keen interest in cop shows and the wrong belief that she only starred in 2 episodes. While it may not be surprising for you to hear that I am now madly in love with the show, it isn’t the case merely because of Miss Lane’s appearance. I quite enjoyed the entire concept and the storylines, always laced with humour.

Lane plays Sergeant Chris Novak, ex-lover of Rick Hunter and single-mom to daughter Allison. We meet her in the Season 7 episode “Fatal Obsession”, when she gets called to assist Hunter in a case of kidnapped college girls. As you may have read before, Lane was only supposed to appear for one episode but later signed on for more and, therefore, Novak soon decides to help find the murderer of police officer JoAnne Molanski.

Chris Novak to me represents something of the ideal image of a woman in a “man’s job”. She is tough at work and determined, yet completely soft with her daughter at home and also not afraid to show weakness. She shows men their place with her courage and her sharp tongue. This, of course, is not meant as a criticism, though it does make one wonder about the representativeness in the real world.

I tremendously enjoyed seeing Lauren Lane do a character that is so unlike C.C. Babcock. Novak’s softness is so soothing and enjoyable that switching to C.C. Babcock straight afterwards just proves to highlight the stark contrast between those characters. (and to me, serves to show Lane’s ability to play quite a range of characters)

My favourite moments were always those when Chris Novak gets to interact with her daughter Allison. It’s heart-warming, to say the least, because the portrayal is quite accurate. I am aware that I’m gushing again, but seeing Lane as a mother is truly beautiful and all the while I couldn’t help but think that only a couple of years later she was to be a mother herself.

Just like “The Cutting Room”, I recommend “Hunter” to any Lauren Lane fan out there. You can expect 10 wonderful episodes that will show you a whole new side to her, in addition to some cases that are really interesting. Here are some highlights: Lane playing a single-mom, Lane playing a shy and vulnerable person, seeing Lane play extremely heart-wrenching scenes and seeing Lane use sign language. Now if that isn’t enough to get you interested, I don’t know what is!


Ashton's reviews:


"It's times like these when I am glad we have women in this department."

Ever since Lauren Lane spoke her first line as Sergeant Christine "Chris" Novak, you immediatly knew she was not one of the typical characters seen on the television series Hunter. You can tell right away that something has happened between Novak and Rick Hunter, portrayed by Fred Dryer, but you're not exactly sure what it is until you hear her call him by his first name, which isn't done by any character too often. Throughout the two-parter that marks the arrival of her character, we learn a lot about Novak, she is single mother to a little eight year old named Allison, her ex-husband Al, her, and Hunter all worked together in the same police division, and according to Al, in a later episode, it's all Hunter's fault for the couple divorcing, but in this writer's opinion, he was a douchebag from the word "Go". We also discover the two dated and that Hunter is still in love with her, but she left him because she didn't want to deal with the stress of having the two fighting over her while she had a baby she needed to tend to. The greater parts of Fatal Obsession Part 2 are as follows: Chris is forced to shoot a suspect who is about to shoot at her, the expression on her face is absolutely amazing, it's as if Lauren Lane got in the shoes of a real officer who had never had to kill someone before, which Novak never had. The other great part is the interaction she has with her daughter Allison, even though Lauren herself had no children of her own yet, it was believable that the two were actually mother/daughter. Another one is also when Hunter comes to the rescue and has to shoot a woman who was after Chris for killing her boyfriend (the suspect aformentioned), and he saves her life. At the end of the episode, Hunter tells her that an old Chinese proverd says that seeing as he saved her life, he is responsible for her to which she replies "Well, I'm not Chinese."

Novak is portrayed to be a mother first, cop second type of person, a strong woman who, like all of us, breaks sometimes from the stress, pressure, and strain of trying to keep your own composure being a woman in a man's position. One of the most famous breaks is when her daughter Allison is kidnapped and her husband never tells her he had something to do with it, that one is probably one of the better episodes, Chris gets freakishly pissed off and it's really quite amazing to see later on her switch into C.C. Babcock, who could really care less about anyone else. She also has a short temper that can beat the hell out of anyone, just ask Al, she punched him when he wouldn't listen to her. One more thing Chris cannot seem to get enough of, is being just as sarcastic.

And of course, like all the characters out there, there are some flaws about her. She comes across sometimes as being someone who can't do anything by herself. Like she never can go after a criminal alone, she has to have either Smith or Ragetti go with her, while Hunter goes off anytime he damn well pleases. The last thing is that her clothes look so ridiculous, yes it was the 80's, but people didn't dress quite as weird as she did. She was Lady Gaga before Lady Gaga. Her hair though was absolutely amazing, she was one of the first women on television to actually use three different color hair streaks, she has blonde, bleach blonde, and brown in her hair, and the infamous side part in the front, straight in the back look came from her own mind, go Lauren.

All in all, this is definately an underestimated character, sure she wasn't as popular as DeeDee McCall, but she was just as likeable if the show could have kept going, even from the start she was likeable. When I was ten, I used to watch it everyday after school and I recall liking her a lot more because she actually had heart, unlike most of the other characters in the past. On a scale from one to ten, I give Lauren Lane's performance a 9.

Ashton Fox





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